Tending to Your Flowers Doesn’t Have to be Back Breaking

There are all sorts of reasons to have flowers in the garden. For a start, we should all be aware of the plight of the honey bee population and having bee friendly flowers can only be a good thing. They also have a certain serenity about them as well. I love watching them sway about in the breeze, and I also love to see a wash of color in my garden.

The problem for a lot of people is that whilst it’s great to have some well-tended flora and fauna in your outside space, it can have its toil on your body. The aches and pains at the end of a day’s gardening used to be solved with a good old soak in the bath, but these days, it’s not so effective.

put up and Shut up!

If you have a slightly stubborn streak (like me), the chances are you’ll choose to ignore those aches and pains because, let’s face it, they’re not so bad after a few days. However, you can cause yourself more harm by constantly putting your muscles and joints through this sort of exercise, especially when you reach a certain age.

I’m not here to give you any medical advice after all, I’m not a doctor. What I will say though is you don’t have to put up with the pain just by making a few changes to the way you look after your flowers. The best part is you don’t have to give-up keeping these lovely plants all together.

Lifting, Bending and Stretching

What many of us overlook is the fact that looking after flowers, or your garden in general is manual labor. So, if you intend to get some fresh air and do some dead-heading or weeding, make sure you limber up first. This doesn’t mean go on a four-mile run! What it does mean is that if you do some simple stretching exercises, it will help to warm your muscles up.

If you have any lifting to do, make sure you do it correctly by bending the knees and keeping your back straight. On the other hand, get someone-else to do it for you! If you can’t, make sure to use tools to help you such as a wheelbarrow. Speaking of tools, wherever possible use those with long handles so you’re not bending as much.

Have a Re-Jig!

One thing you can do is think about redesigning your garden. If you have wide flowerbeds, consider making them narrower so you don’t have to stretch over them in order to keep the ground free of weeds. You can also have the beds raised so there is less in the way of bending needed when you’re planting or tending.

It’s also an idea to cover any bare ground with mulch. This helps to smother the weeds before they get the chance to poke their heads above ground. Of course, you can also have an abundance of flowers so there isn’t room for those pesky weeds to grow. Although the last idea might create more work until your plants are established.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a day

One thing I’ve always been guilty of is taking on my garden for the whole day, so I can get it all finished. This, I’ve realized isn’t the best way to go about it if you don’t want to find it hard to get out of bed the next day! Instead, it’s best to take each job at a time and take a few days to complete the whole project.

The other thing I’ve started to do is to take plenty of breaks, and not to keep doing the same job for long periods of time. For instance, if I have a lot of flowers to dead-head and weeding to do, I mix it up so I’m not moving my body in the same way for hours on end. Taking your time over tending the flowers isn’t something that has to be done in a day. After all, your garden isn’t going anywhere!

Don’t Forget Your Relaxation Tools

There are lots of ways to relax after a few hours in the garden. As I’ve mentioned, you can take a long soak in the bath, or go for a massage. In respect of a massage, I’ve just found something that’s really helping, and I can use it in the comfort of my own home.

If you’re thinking massage chairs, think again! I’ve found something that costs way less but will still deliver a great massage. There are gadgets called massage pads, and all you do is place the cushion on your seat. The results are amazing, and I can enjoy a glass of wine at the same-time!

As you can see there are lots of ways to reduce the aches and pains from tending your flowers, so don’t think about giving up just yet.