Making Flower Arrangements A More Personal Experience

Flower arranging can be an intensely personal experience. Whether you’re making an arrangement for yourself or whether you’re creating something for a loved one, there’s no better way to express yourself through your work.

Flowers aren’t just an accessory or a decoration – they are an essential and vibrant part of life. All too often, people see them as a final touch or as a traditional afterthought, but in fact, a flower arrangement can be an engaging element for any occasion.

The Language Of Flowers

In the Victorian era, there was more importance attached to flowers than there is today. The language of flowers was well known and was used to give coded messages through the choice of flowers given. Lovers would share their feelings for each other through the choice of blossoms that went into the bouquet that they gave to their beau, and color, variety and size all meant something truly special both to the giver and the recipient.

Today, you can harness the power of the Language of Flowers to speak to the person that you’re giving your flowers to. Whether as a birthday gift, as a thank you or for a special occasion, the display that you create can express more than just your good wishes or gratitude. Here, we look at how you can put more of yourself into your flower arranging so that your displays can be truly personal and uniquely special.

Getting The Environment Right

The first step when it comes to creative flower arranging is to get the environment right. Experts have proven that the right environment can boost creativity so think about how you can help yourself to feel at your most creative. Choose the right ambient lighting so that you can see what you’re doing but don’t feel flooded with harsh light, set some scented candles alight and put some relaxing music on (there are lots of affordable speakers under $50 out there which are perfect for your flower arranging workshop – for example, the Oontz Angle 3 speaker is one of the best you can get in this price range and as it’s waterproof you won’t have to worry about accidental water splashes). Make sure you have everything you need close at hand so you won’t be disturbed and then you can get started.

What Do You Need?

You’ll need the following:

  • Sharp clippers or scissors
  • A vase or vessel
  • A selection of flowers – always have a mix of bud sizes together with some greenery or filler

Your Flower Arranging Tutorial

First, prepare your flowers, cutting them at a 45 degree angle at the stem. Make sure to remove any leaves or foliage falling below the vase’s water line. If there are leaves floating in your water bacteria will rapidly multiply and your flowers won’t last long.

Next, form a base. You can do this by adding green foliage to your vase first. This gives your arrangement a more organic and loose movement. Choose your foliage carefully and make sure to place it into your vase in various directions to create visual appeal.

Next, add the accent flowers or smaller buds. Choose buds which look delicate when compared to the larger flowers that you intend to use. Choose the colors carefully so that they either contrast or complement depending on the effect that you’re trying to create. You can either opt for a symmetrical look or an asymmetrical one depending on the impact you wish to have. An easy way to make an asymmetrical design is to simply drape a few buds over one of the sides.

Now, you’re ready to place the larger blossoms. These are the focal point of your arrangement and they should be placed in every hole in the arrangement. Empty spaces do have a value depending on the effect you want to create, however you need to get the balance right. Avoid adding too few or too many blooms, otherwise your display could look overcrowded or too sparse. You’re aiming for an overall organic feel and look.

To make your arrangement last longer, make sure to cut each stem every few days and top up the vase with fresh water. The result will be a beautifully personal floral arrangement that will express your own unique personality.