There’s Nothing More Powerful Than Flower Power!

Before I settled down to write this article, I had one question: Where do flowers come from? Well, the answer is I can’t tell you! In fact, Darwin (who was a massive lover of flowers) couldn’t answer this question either. Instead, he just left it as a mystery and respected how powerful they are in […]

Are Your Flowers Dancing in the Rain? Let Your Garden Grow!

As we all know water is precious and we’re constantly told how we can make sure we use it sensibly in our homes. White goods such as washing machines are designed to get clothes clean whilst not using too much water. We’re advised to take showers rather than bathe etc. But, what about the garden? […]

Tending to Your Flowers Doesn’t Have to be Back Breaking

There are all sorts of reasons to have flowers in the garden. For a start, we should all be aware of the plight of the honey bee population and having bee friendly flowers can only be a good thing. They also have a certain serenity about them as well. I love watching them sway about […]

Add a Splash of Color and Create a Winter Wonderland

Gardening has long been a passion of mine, and I especially love flowers. I don’t consider myself an expert rather, I treat this pastime as a hobby. So, when I recently moved to another State that has a climate I’m not used to, it posed a bit of a problem in the garden department. Summers […]